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Dear writer,

I am delighted to have you here. You will find below the library of resources you need for your creative project. If you were affected to a group, click on the button to access it.

New workshops are announced via the newsletter.

Each one includes two hours of writing exercises, a private thread on the forum where you can ask me questions at all times, as well as a Skype session (text only) to exchange feedback with other participants.
Workshops are 50 € (55 $USD, 45 £*) and are non-refundable. They include, if necessary, one last review of your pieces by myself.


By signing up, you agree not to share other participants’ texts without their written agreement. Reading each other’s productions is an essential part of the workshop: it creates unexpected echoes between different creations and enables you to receive a variety of opinions on what you write.


If you’d rather not take part in the exchange, it is possible to take the workshop on your own, at a date that suits us both. I will be the only one reading you and giving you feedback.

*Note : if you've already taken part in one of my online workshops, you'll get a 10% discount on future sign-ups.

This creative writing workshop is dedicated to our endless source of escapism, comfort and magic: books. Whether you read them, devour them or even write them, I am sure you can relate to a fascination for these peculiar objects over which we dream, laugh, shudder and cry.

The different prompts will guide you through different forms of writing, from the everyday to the once-in-a-while.

This workshop is for all word lovers, from newcomers to regular guests in the lands of Imagination. The prompts are designed to inspire you will providing a safe guide.

 Books and magic 


From the Ordinary to the Extra-Ordinary

This creative workshop is all about finding the extraordinary in the mundane. Starting from your own daily habits, I’ll show you that a few words can made a world of a difference and open possibilities for reenchanting our days.

This workshop is designed specifically for new writers, whose imagination will be guided gently through a series of fun prompts. Experienced writers will also enjoy the opportunity to explore new wordscapes.

This creative writing workshop invites you to find inspiration in the colder and darker months of the year.

The prompts are designed as a progression from a few random words to a complete story.

"Writing Winter" will suit both newbies and seasoned writers. It starts with an exploration of daily life before encouraging participants to explore their imagination.

Writing Winter