Reading wrap-up - June 2021

June is known in the USA as Pride Month, and I wanted to honour this tradition fron France by devoting a large part of my TBR pile to books shining light on LGBTQIA+ identities. I discovered new authors to follow and series I keep exploring with a lot of pleasure.

An Unkindness of Ghosts, by Rivers Solomon · 2017

When I picked this book in the library, I thought the blurb was quite strangely written. Now that I've read the novel, I understand that it's really hard to summarize An Unkindness Of Ghosts, because its plot (a young woman surviving in an immense space ship) is only one aspect of the whole. I thinks its main strength is in the characters' voice, especially Aster, the main character (she's not the only one telling the story). I must admit that it's the first time I read a book by an autistic author with an autistic character, so I'm really not in a position to judge the book. The author is also Black and non-binary, and questions of racism and identity are at the heart of the book. I appreciated the varied representations and the tension building throughout the narrative, but be warned, this is a harrowing book. Solomon draws from centuries of oppression by white people and does not shy away from the darker parts of this dark, shameful history. It's a book that reads like a scream while also celebrating the diversity of Black & queer voices, in a Sci-fi setting turned towards the past. 

Rep: Black autistic character, genderqueer character, aro/ace character. 

TW: rape, sexual assault, slavery, racism, medical content.

The book and Sencha, a black-and-white tabby cat, are resting on a white blanket, seen from above. Sencha is looking up.

Silver in the Wood, by Emily Tesh · 2019

If you've been here for a few months, you may have noticed this title in the painting of my favourite books I did in January. Yes, I'm reading it again. This fantasy novella inspired by folk tales of the Green Man is absolute perfection to my eyes. I sigh happy sighs every two sentences, the characters are sweet and proud at the same time, there's a cat (who survives) and an opinionated oldish lady. Perfection.

Rep: agender & aro / ace MC, gay characters.

TW: gun violence, kidnapping.

A white hand holds an e-reader showing the cover of the book under a maple tree seen from underneath.

All Systems Red, by Martha Wells · 2017

Is there a book you know you'll love so you're in no hurry to read it?

That happens quite often with all the books on my wishlist, and especially with Martha Wells's All Systems Red. As soon as I discovered its existence, I knew it would be a book for me. A socially anxious cyborg whose sole ambition is to finish work asap so that they can watch sitcoms on t